Body Armour & Equipment

RBM7 is a bulletproof vest manufacturer and supplier (kevlar).

We offer and stock a wide range of bullet resistant and bullet resistant related products. Products such as body armour, bags, bullet-resistant helmets, riot gear, ballistic protection, and much more at competitive prices.

RBM7’s wide range of products offers comfort and ease of movement. Every item is tailored to your specific requirements. In addition, RBM7 delivers products with total confidence as every product is measured for performance.

We pride ourselves in the continuous training of our staff and identifying key areas for improvement. Furthermore, we offer after sales service for repair and maintenance of equipment.

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Vision Statement

To be a market leader in providing a quality product that is tried and trusted worldwide.

We keep our promises and continuously improve our products in order to render a better service to our customer.

We confidently guarantee the user that our products consistently meet and exceed the standards against which they are designed.

Bulletproof Protection

Are you looking for Bullet Proof Gear, Equipment or Body Armour?

We offer custom made, manufactured locally, quality, bullet-resistant vests, body armour and riot control equipment, bulletproof resistant jackets providing protection against handguns, and ceramic plates for protection against high-velocity rifle fire.

We manufacture a range of products:

Bullet Proof Vests & Jackets
Body Armour
Ballistic Helmets
Lightweight Body Armour
Various Customised Bags
Ceramic Plates
Steel Plates
Riot Equipment
Webbing Products

Do you need your company logo on your bullet proof vests? We can do it!

Products Introduction

At RBM7 we design, develop, test, manufacture, and distribute body armour, personal protective equipment and custom made bags across Africa.

Products are manufactured on a per order basis according to your requirements.

We are in the process of obtaining ISO9000 and SANS certificates of quality assurance. Our products conform to NIJ0101.04.

All products manufactured are cut by using templates. This ensures that all products in a batch are the same and that subsequent products will be similar to previous orders.

In order to reap the benefits of mass production, many layers of fabric can be cut simultaneously. This does not mean that single products can not be cut.

Each product manufactured is inspected and cleaned before leaving the factory.

We use some specialized machines to perform certain tasks.



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About RBM7

The Directors of the company have over 23 years of combined experience in the manufacturing industry including Body Armour and related equipment.

Our seamstresses are experienced and well qualified. Most of them have been working in the needle industry for many years. We constantly evaluate their work and take corrective action or perform refresher training when required.

This is an Exempted Micro-Enterprise and is 50% woman owned = Level 4 Contributor. Our staff are highly skilled and quality materials are used to manufacture the products.

Our factory is situated in the light industrial area in Germiston. We are close to our suppliers as well as our clients.